Providing Amsterdam with quality products and friendly service since 1992...

The name Abraxas is originally derived from a classic children’s story; The Little Witch by Otfried Preußler (1961). In this children’s book the little witch and her loyal talking raven called Abraxas shared adventures and laughter throughout, he was her loyal companion. When the first coffeeshop opened, the vision was to create a peaceful and beautiful place. A place where people could come together to talk, laugh, enjoy and feel save, like the little witch and Abraxas did. 

Originally starting off as a night bar, the shop then transformed into a legendary hotspot for high quality products, friendly customer service and a stunningly beautiful interior. For a truly classic Amsterdam Experience, pass by our coffeeshop or visit The Abraxas Shop - our retail shop for gifts, seeds, t-shirts, hemp and smoking accessories.