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Below is some information regarding the design of the Abraxas and the artist’s behind its unique style and features.

Setting the stage for some  transcendental experiences, the artwork  was created by artist Katrin Brockmüller, born in 1963 in Lübeck, Germany. An autodidactic artist, her style and media which she uses know no boundaries, from mosaic, hand drawing, furniture design even terrazzo, to name a few. Her influences include Hundertwasser, Gaudí and Gustav Klimt, the latter of which inspired Katrin's Tree of Life design in the Abraxas card game. Katrin works intuitively, known for the 'curl' motif prevalent in much of her work. Organic, colorful symbols flow from her fingertips, connected with nature and life. She explains: ‶I want my art to take people on a journey – I want them to get lost in my work through its colors and forms present. I want to make the borders disappear, whether you're stoned or not.”